2019 Season Schedule

2019 Live Free Golf Massachusetts 

Regular Season:

Sunday April 7th :  Fire Impact Open Red Tail Golf Club, Devens, MA.

Saturday May 4th : Waverly Oaks Golf Club, Plymouth MA. 

Sunday May 19th : Acushnet River Valley, Acushnet, MA. 

Sunday June 9th : Major Event 1.5 Points Kettlebrook Country Club, Paxton, MA. 

Saturday June 22nd and 23rd: 2 Day tournament at Crumpin Fox Golf Club NH/MA

Sunday July 7th : Seragansett Country Club, Taunton MA

Sunday July 14th : MAJOR EVENT – worth 1.5x points Cape Cod Country Club

Sunday July 28th : Olde Scotland Links, Bridgewater Ma. 


Sunday August 4th : Round 1

Sunday August 18th : Indian Pond Country Club, Kingston Ma. 

Saturday September 7th : CHAMPIONSHIP Waverly Oaks Country Club

Live Free Golf Ryder Cup – Massachusetts vs. New Hampshire

September 28th-29th (Saturday and Sunday) in New Hampshire


**Dates are subject to change with notice**

**Tee time and locations will be updated prior to the season**