The Golf Club 2019 featuring the PGA Tour review

A few weeks ago during a boring Saturday afternoon while I had what I hope was just some sort of golf itch I decided to purchase the Golf Club 2019 for XBOX ONE. I did have the original Golf Club so knew what to expect when I bought this. 

Last year I was most excited about being able to create a course in this game and I always thought I would be one of the best golf architects around if I had just found my calling at a slightly younger age, after working on a course for hours on end and only being down the fairway on the first hole I quickly moved into other features. 

Now this game being affiliated with the PGA Tour does it make it a little cooler as there is now offical PGA Courses and licensed players and equipment. I am still in the tour but it was easy to get through the Q school and I now have to win just 2 more events to get onto the tour. 

The game itself does not compare to the game play of Rory from just a few years ago. There is nothing fancy about this as it is designed with the true golfer in mind as there is no power or spin and the only way to truly get better is to have good results and upgrade your equipment. 

Overall and due to the fact it is the only golf game on the market I would say it is a must have for any golf fan but if there were any other options this game would probably be the 2nd best. 

The commissioners review: although there were some very good aspects and it hit a green in regulation. It 3 putted it’s way to a BOGEY Review. 

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