How much better would you shoot from the front tees?

maxresdefault (1).jpg

I have been reading some articles that discussed the thought of golfers around our ability should occasionally play the front tees. It is an interesting concept and I think it is a good idea. 90% of us just go up the tee with driver in hand with no thought about the 2nd shot or the overall course strategy. Playing the front tees would take the driver option a lot less appealing and help us learn how to hit more precise wedges to the greens. 

I think there are several benefits from mixing it up and playing the front tees. Understandably people do not do it due to them paying for their round and wanting to play from the tees they feel challenged at.  If you are a member at a course and you can get out for some twilight golf just bring some irons and wedges and give it a go. I think you’re game would improve and you get to play a quick 9 or 18 holes. 

I am curious on how much our scores would truly improve from playing those tees. I do believe we would all see an improvement but I do not think it would be as drastic as you may think. 

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