Take a look at our survey suggestions, if you feel like it.


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We had a lot of responses to our survey and just wanted to let you guys know how we here at Live Free are trying to solve the problem, or the reason we are not currently able to achieve them. I do not think there was 1 bad suggestion though, We want to continuously be better and more enjoyable and the more ideas I hear the better I think we will become, so thank you.

Have earlier events: I would love to, I wish every event could be at 9:00 am. Unfortunately at most the courses we play, their members have those times reserved and it is difficult to get the consecutive tee times at that time frame. Thankfully, there are  a few that take good care of us and do let us play in the morning.

Play more on the seacoast: 100% Plan on it, we have reached out to a few courses on the coast and want to have events out there just have not made it happen yet. I will do everything I can to get us an event there in 2019.

Play different formats: We will, we are continuing to grow and are looking for fun and innovative ways to make rounds as enjoyable as possible. Next year, we would like to have a stableford event and a team event during our regular season and continue to expand from there.

Does it matter if Saturday or Sunday? Very little difference no matter what day it was for most people by the sounds of it. I would like to get a few Saturday tourneys and it is possible we even have back to back weeks occasionally.

We did have 1 complaint about the handicapping system which I know can be askew sometimes. All in all, I personally though it went really one. On average, our events had a winning score of 69.5 which I think is a reasonable score. I do use the GHIN as a reference but am aware those can also not be 100% accurate and I do base your handicap of off past results more than just random scores with friends.

*CHEATING*Somehow, continues to be an issue. If you are an adult male golfer and continue trying to “fluff” the already score friendly rules then you have something going on. I do hear about everything and I don’t think it is fair to put your playing partners in a position to have to say something. We get frustrated as rounds go and perhaps think “this shot does not matter” but our top 3 finishers were within 85 points, which is just a difference of 2 positions in any regular season event and 1 position in a playoff event. EVERY SHOT MATTERS, and should be treated as such for the integrity of the game. Please keep this in mind going forward, I know 95% of us do, but those for those who like to skirt the rules, this song is for you.



The survey responses were very informative though, and the from what I Gather the league is a good time and we want to implement as all these ideas as soon as possible. Thanks again to all those who filled it out, and keep swinging the sticks.

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