Live Free prizes stolen in mysterious ways

Live Free Prizes stolen in Mysterious Ways

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So, I had ordered a King cobra driver and a wedge last week to give away as prizes and went through my usual routine like I normally do but unfortunately this time had them shipped to an old address of employment. I notified thecompany that I had shipped to the wrong place minutes after I had done so, but they informed me in the morning it was too late to change the shipping address as all the items had already been shipped out….Alright.

I then let an old co-worker know that the items were going to be shipped there and when they arrived to let me know, which he did. I could not make it that day but had scheduled to go the next afternoon. That morning, I let him know i would be there later in the day. At approximately 10:45 I asked him to leave it outside around 12:15-12:30 and that I had planned to be there around 1:00. I drove by at about 20 past 1, no sign of the clubs. I send him a friendly text, “you must have forgotten, but I will be back in about 20 minutes if you could leave them out.” He responds with, they are outside….I figured I must have just missed it. He goes and double checks and to his surprise sees that they are not there. He ask around and no one has seen the clubs, they were left outside for me and vanished out of thin air. My ex employee has been on the hunt for them since they have disappeared and has came up empty. I am hoping somehow they show up in the near future, but as of right now, it is not looking good.


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