Is LFG Mass crazy enough to do 1 more event

Is LFG Mass crazy enough to do 1 more event

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Live Free Mass just started last week and is already just jumping ahead of schedule and trying to get the old November event going. “The weather might be 60 degrees” So lets run a damn event. The post quickly generated enough interest for Mackle to get on the horn and start making some calls to get the show on the road. The interest and excitement that has already came from all the golfers down there is amazing and rivals us in New Hampshire (Although, we are always down for a round, any day, in any weather in any month) Let’s see what the fearless leader Ryan McElhinney can make happen for the fellas. If I was to bet on it though, Which I might I would say get ready to get those clubs out on the 3rd. I am thinking you may even see a few New Hampshire faces down there.

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