Team Blue wins 2018 Live Free Cup

Team Blue wins 2018 Live Free Cup


 A few of the squids who won the Live Free Cup today

Chris Roussin and his boys closed the deal on Sunday and took care of their business as they were expected to going into the windy and cold Sunday that was played at Amherst Country Club. Best Friends and team Blue studs Ben Edwards and Scott Sheehan went 3-0 as teammates on Saturday and both swept there sunday Matches on their way to a 5-0 weekend to lead the way for team Blue. Scott Smith was able to seal himself a point on Saturday and on Sunday which turned out to be big swings on both those days and gave Blue a commanding lead going into Sunday. Team Blue who had a 3 point lead going into Sunday ended up prevailing with a tally of 16.3 to 13.5. Congrats to the boys.

Scotty Sheehan 5-0
Ben Edwards 5-0
Chris Roussin 3-2
Tim Meisel 2-0
Todd Anderson 2-1
Eric White 3.5-1.5
Pat Blair 2.5-2.5
Scott Smith 2-3
Paul Micali 1-4

Tom Boland 3-2
Rich Roussin 2-0
Chuck Hobbs 2-3
Chad Lawrence 2-3
Aaron Abood 1.5-1.5
John Theriault 1.5-3.5
Tim Woodger 1-4
Chris Poulin 1-4
D-Wayne Davis 0-5

Team blue 16.5
Team Red 11.5


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