I think I might win my league and I don’t know how to feel about it

I think I might win my league and I don’t know how I feel about it


As the season winds down I find myself in a real conundrum. I love golf, and I hope and think that is evident to everyone who has had a chance to play in the Live Free Golf Tour. My goal is to get players of all abilities out there a chance to play together, compete, win a few prizes, make some friends and have a good time. I would be lying if I said I was not a competitor and when I play any kind of athletic event, I like to win.

Now as the season has developed I have slowly found myself moving up the ranks and slowly putting myself in a position that I could win the league with some good rounds in the playoffs. I wont brag, but I timed it well and have played well the last 2 events and now find myself in a position that to be honest, I did not want to be in. I had planned on not playing events this year and just run them but with some peer pressure of some fellow competitors decided to play. I love competition which is why I put this league together and in a perfect world would finish around the top but not actually win. I know our regulars who play in many if not all events know I take pride in making this league as fair as possible for everyone, and I would like to think actually challenge myself quite a bit. I am aware I have an advantage that I do attend every event so am accruing points throughout the whole season, while most players will most at minimum 1 or 2 events.

I just want people to know that win or lose, I am not a complete asshole and there is nothing about this league that in any way shape or form is in my favor. I try to actually do the opposite and make the rounds and good finishes difficult for myself. As the league grows we will always evolve to become the best golf league not only in New Hampshire but hopefully all over the northeast. As the league evolves we will have more eyes always monitoring handicaps, scores, results, etc to make sure that no one has any advantages that I may have missed.

I truly appreciate each and every one of you who come out and play all or even just one event. Golf truly is an amazing game that can bring us all together as our own hectic lives and schedules allow. I already have big plans and adjustments in line for next year that I think will make this league even better and more enjoyable for everyone involved. So again, thanks to all those who have came out this year and I look forward to seeing you guys at many more events for years to come.


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