Playoff event 3 at Stonebridge CC Predictions

Playoff event #3 Predictions 

download (7).jpeg

The eve of a huge event and all players are resting up in preparation for the big day, or out getting drunk, could go either way. None the less, here we are and there is a lot at stake going into tomorrows round for the top 5 contenders plus a few outsiders looking in. 

Here is a list of Golf Cliches I am going to use to to predict my winner 

  • The player who can keep the ball in play will have a great shot at victory

  • Got to limit the putts on these greens if you want to shoot your best and earn the win

  • Play smart golf and understand your handicap, mainly just avoid the big number

You get the point, and all that holds true plus a little extra pressure on the line as the season winds down. We have newcomer this year Sean Marshall back on the tour who played and won his only event he attended last year. Long hitters Chris Roussin, and Scott Sheehan (Welcome back) an advantage on this course as length as always, will help out on this track. 

Chad Lawrence and Johhny “Red” Theriault will look to continue their hot play but having played together today the reports were that neither of their swings looked playoff ready so hopefully they can figure it out by tee off tomorrow. 

The field is small and there is a good shot to shoot a good round and make a nice move in the season standings. Lets see who can step up and get the job done. 

Prez’s Prediction: Eric White 91/69

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