Live Free Season Title still up for grabs

Live Free Season Title still up for grabs 


As the Live Free season winds down and colder weather starts to come our way the finish of the Live Free season is heating up. With just 2 events left there are still more than 8 players who have the potential to win this title. Although, I have not actually done any math I think that number is a safe bet. Granted a lot of things need to happen to work out in some players favor to make a championship happen, but it can happen.

Chad Lawrence who currently holds a small lead over John Theriault will have a challenging rounds ahead of him and a low cap so will have to shoot some of the best rounds he has ever shot to finish near the top of the leaderboard.

Theriault with a good round last event positioned himself nicely to finish the season and hold the trophy over his head at seasons end. Theriault currently playing as a 16 cap has the potential to put together 2 strong finishes and controls his own destiny at this point.

One of the seasons most steady players throughout the season was Chris Roussin and he has some work to do but with big points this week and a small field a top 5 finish for Chris could surely catapult him into the lead.

Dan Lacourse is due for a break out event this year as he has several top 10 finishes and 4 top 5 finishes and has slowly moved up the standings and with a win this weekend will take over the #1 spot going into the final week at Sky Meadow

This season will have some excitement and could be a wild finish to crown a winner this year and with the Ryder Cup mixed in for several players looks to be a busy 3 weeks. Good luck to everyone playing this weekend and lets go shoot our best.

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