Live Free Massachusetts Schedules first event for this Fall

Live Free Massachusetts schedules first event for this Fall



Live Free Golf Massachusetts which will be in full swing for the 2019 season but has decided to run at least 1 and possibly 2 events this fall to get people acclimated to what we do and to get the word out on what an amazing league this is. Having now ran this in New Hampshire for the past 3 years, we felt it was the right time to expand into another state and let more people experience just what we offer.

We have teamed up with a friend of mine Ryan McElhinney who loved the idea of what we did and has a passion and expertise of the game of golf that will only help our brand grow. Ryan graduated from the Golf Academy of America in San Diego years ago and although has not been working in the golf industry as of late, his charisma and personality will surely get the Mass league as big as the New Hampshire in no time.

We are excited for this new chapter and am excited to continue growing the Live Free League for all the amateurs out there who love competition and the game of golf.

If you are interested in playing in LFG Mass’s first event it will be played on Sunday October 21st at the Olde Scotland Links in Bridgewater, MA Starting at noon. Click on the link to register.

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