LFG Ryder cup captains have been named

LFG Ryder Cup captains have been named and format released



The captains have been named for the upcoming LFG Ryder cup. The method that the committee choose was to pick the 2 highest ranked players who wanted to take on the responsibility.  This years captains will be for Team Red (John Theriault) and Team blue (Chris Roussin). The team names could and probably will change but the format for this years Ryder cup will be as follows.

Loudon 10/20  27 holes 

  • 9 Holes: Scramble

  • 9 Holes: 4 Ball

  • 9 Holes: Alternate shot

Each 9 holes will allow a team to take 1 point per competition so there is the potential each team to take 3 points

Amherst 10/21  18 holes 

  • 9 holes stableford

  • 9 holes match play

Potential for each team to take 2 points

If my math is correct, there are a total of 20 points to be had between the 2 days which means the winner will have to take 10.5 points. In the event of a tie, the board will discuss a clear tie breaker that we will use and will be told to everyone prior to the event.


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