Canterbury Woods playoff prediction

Canterbury Woods playoff Prediction


Well, here we are on the cusp of one of the bigger nights in the 2018 Live Free golf season and what some consider our seasons moving day. Players have jockeyed back and forth up top the leaderboard and currently Chris Roussin sits up top the mountain but will he stay  there after tomorrow? In a rare feat we had a player go out today and post a score and what a good score it was as now players have a score in mind they know they will have to go beat. John Theriault fired a 87/71 to finish the day at -1 but left a few strokes out there and easily could have the field looking up at him and would have had to go out and shoot a real good round for us to compete but with a double on the 16th and 18th he left the door open for the field.

That field is small this week as well as we are just at a total of 16 people with 2 who played today and 14 coming tomorrow. Some of our regulars are not able to make it and that leaves a chance for some players so make big jumps in the season long standings.

Last event saw Tom Boland make a big move and put himself in contention and he is playing well at the right time and Canterbury sets up as a course that Tom could play well on. He is a long hitter who can get some wedges in his hands with some good drives and if he is able to figure out the tricky greens he has the potential to finish on top the leaderboard for his 2nd consecutive event.

Chris Roussin who is currently our leader is bound to have a solid weak as he has just been swinging some real hot sticks and with his driving ability has the potential to fire a score in the 70’s. The course can play some tricks with the players mentally but if you are able to just stay within yourself and hit a few greens there is a possibility of having a low number out there.

Other players who are due and I can see having a good week are Tim Woodger, who rolls as the cart girl rolls and depending on the strength of the drinks could easily have a good day on the course, or just a good day with a few cocktails. Either way, he will inevitably have a good day.

Dan Lacourse, Dwayne Davis and Greg Landolfo can all easily win this event. Greg has had some strong showings in the past and if he can take away a few big numbers can easily win this event. This is going to be an exciting event, and as most of our events will come right down to the wire.

I am going to go with the hot hand from our last event when we played Canterbury and go with the guy who broke 80 there. Let’s see if he can get back to the form he was in a few months ago.

My Prediction: Joe Forbush  83/69


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