Live Free Golf 2018 Playoff Preview

Live Free Golf 2018 Playoff Preview


This Sunday LFG will have be playing its first playoff event of the 2018 season and there is a lot that can happen between now and October 28th when a champion is crowned. Currently John Theriault holds a 215 point lead over 2nd place Chris Roussin and is only 385 points over 5th place Chad Lawrence. This season has seen its fair share of leaders throughout the year as Chris Roussin, Chris Poulin and Tim Woodger have all held season leads at one point. The playoff points escalate and there will be a lot of Jockeying for positions throughout the next 4 events and a great chance that there will be no clear favorite until our 4th and final event. This years winner will win the LFG Season long champion trophy which is currently being held by Pat Blair, a custom IZZO cart bag, Cash, and other possible prizes.

Other players who could make a late push during the playoff run is Dan Lacourse, Tim Woodger, Tom Boland and Dwayne Davis. Any player who Bryson Dechambeaus themselves in the playoffs and win or has 2 good results in the playoffs will sure quickly move up the rankings and put themselves in a good position to steal the season long title on the final day of the year.

This season much like the last 2 is wide open to several players and will be exciting right to the end of October. It is currently John Theriaults to lose who has been playing consistent all year but there are other players quickly moving up the ranks who are peaking at the right time and we will just have to wait to see what happens.

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