Is a PGA event the best sporting event to attend

Is a PGA event the best sporting event to attend

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So, finally after almost a full 34 years of living I was able to make it to my first ever PGA event as I attended the Dell Technology at TPC Boston. I have been to all other professional sporting events including some big games. but no super bowls or championship games. As far as events go I would rank this if not #1 then #1A. The ability to just walk around the course basically anywhere you want and just follow your favorite players with ease made the experience. Yes we did have to contend with the Tiger Followers and we did follow him for a few holes by planning on being a few holes ahead and wait for him to get to us. We followed Rory, and Kyle Stanley without issue for 3 holes and had great views of all their shots as well as watching them walk by us from 4-5 just a few feet away. I am also pretty positive that at a few points during the round I stood only a few feet away from Rorys fiance which made the whole day worth it. We did end up leaving about 90 minutes prior to the end due to the fact Dechambeau had built such a good lead it did not seem like their would be much excitement down the end which basically held true. Either way I highly recommend anyone who has never been to an event to try to get to one. I know the PGA wont be back in Boston for 2 years but if you can get to the Travelers next year in Cromwell, CT.  I would try to go.

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