Pembroke Pines Cart girl pulls hardo move of the year

Pembroke Pines cart girl pulls hardo move of the year


Not actual cart girl in question

Sources close to me, we can call them friends told me a story the other day that had be spit my beer out after hearing about what happened. So they went out to enjoy a round a golf at Pembroke Pines and had a 6:40AM Tee time. So like most weekend alcoholics they naturally brought a few beers with them and did not think to much of it, Obviously we all know the etiquette of bringing a few extra beers on the course. So they proceed to play their round, have a few drinks and enjoying a great Saturday, until the 16th hole which is 3:40 minutes into their round at this point.

The cart girl FINALLY shows up after having “Just missed” them for the 3 hours prior as she said she got there at 7:00 A.M. (Doubtful). While she drives towards them the players all give the “I’m good” nod. She drives by their carts and notice there are bud lights in the cup holders, She reaches into the cart grabs them and dumps them out and tells them loudly as they are all still on the putting green drilling birdie putts, they are not allowed to bring beers on the course. The guys say “We’re sorry” and not think anything of it. Now the cart girl proceeds to lingers around the cart for a minute and starts to open every players bags and search through them as if she is the TSA. Now my friends take exception, finish the hole, head back to their cart and ask her what the hell shes doing? She responds with “I am searching through your bags because you are not allowed to bring your own beers and I am confiscating them.” Now the boys are angry, flustered and shocked as to what is happening. The cart girl said she was out at 7:00AM, But had not seen these guys until their round was almost over. The friend of mine goes in and wants to speak to the club pro but he is out on the course, he moves up to the bar and the cart girl is also the bar manager so he was not able to talk to anyone.

The liability this cart girl is taking at this point is preposterous as well, If there is 1 thing missing from any of these players bags it is easy to assume it was stolen by the one stranger who was rummaging through their belongings. Grow up Pembroke Pines and let men be men.

I can assure you they will not be back to the pines anytime soon, if ever. These players paid $45 to go play a slightly below average course that made sure to go out of their way for them not to enjoy the golfing experience.

Unfortunately in the golf world, courses need to be catering to their players and if their cart girls are not going to be around frequently these issues will happen. I am 95% sure had the cart girl showed up to them at any point on the front nine or even before the 12th hole that my buddies would have bought a nice bloody mary from her but she was no where to be found.

I am not one who often brings my own beer to the course but, I do not think what the players did was wrong at all and as we all know is done almost regularly at any course. As a cart girl if you really care that much I guess dump out the visual beers, but never and I mean never search a players bag unless you want to make sure you lose their business.

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