Like this weather the LFG playoffs are about to get real hot

Like this weather the LFG playoffs are about to get real hot

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Our regular season has just finished up and the season was a success as the league saw 6 different winners throughout the season in our 8 events with Chris Lerra and Chris Poulin each grabbing 2 wins although neither sits up top the season long standings as we our first playoff event approaches next weekend. John Theriault is the leader going in to this years playoffs with Chris Roussin, Dan Lacourse and Chris Poulin right behind him.

For those who don’t know, there is no eligibility requirements to play in our playoff events and they run just the same as our regular season events. The main differences are is that first of all all 4 events will count towards your season long total, In the regular season we take your top 5 results out of the 8 events. The 2nd and biggest change is that the points per event become larger. In the regular season all event winners receive 1,000 points or a split of 1,000 if there is a tie. In the playoffs our winners will receive 1,250 points in` the first event and is will increase 250 points until our final event in which the winner will receive 2,000 points. There is potential for some big swings and some people really move up and down the leaderboard depending on their finishes on any given week and it should be a very exciting finish here for our 3rd LFG Season.

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