Is it bullshit to pay full price for a course with Aerated Greens 

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So, I went out on a late Sunday afternoon round this weekend was eager to play but understanding we are late in the summer courses tend to be aerating their greens right around this time. We played a round Friday at a course as well, which also had aerated greens. Is it the responsibility of the course to give you a warning either while calling for your tee time, or while you are paying that the greens have been aerated. I also think it is absolute bullshit that a course would expect you to pay full price for a course that is playing at about a 70% rate of what it should be. Putting on greens that have been aerated is the absolute worst. Now we all know this is part of the game and that courses must do this, the main issue I ran into the other day is that not only were the greens aerated but they also had not been cut in what appeared to be a week. Long story short, if you want repeat business and to keep customers satisfied just give us a little break on the greens fees for us to go play your shit Greens.

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