Is Live Free Golf Expanding in 2019?

Live Free golf started 3 years ago as a way for the average hacker to truly compete on the weekends with more than just their usual foursome. So far the results have been positive and while continuing to grow this area and gathering more players by mainly word of mouth thanks to all of you. It is and continues to be a dream of mine to start leagues in Mass, Maine, Rhode Island Vermont and Connecticut and possibly having a champions tournament. Although that appears to be far off at the moment we are hoping to slowly take steps to getting there. With that being said, LFG is currently in the works to get a league started in the central Massachusettes area next year. It is in the very early stages and alot can happen between now and then, we hope that this one step towards our dream becoming a reality and we can continue to grow the game in all of New England and provide a service that average hackers and now some very talented players truly love and look forward to a few times a month. Stay tuned for more info.


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