Live Free Golfs League Leaders


Live Free Golf loves to recognize our players and especially those who show up for our events more than others. With that being said, I have created a “League Leaders” page and you can find it in the top menu and it is my hope to give a trophy or a prize to our season long league leaders who play more than 50% of our events. For now we have just the 2 catagories for top gross average, and top net average but hopefully as we expand I will be able to create more stats and league leader catagories. After doing our first round of leaders, it is quite impressive how close a lot of our players are, espicially in the net catagory but even so in the gross catagory.

Top 10 Gross Averages

*must play 50% of events to be eligible*


Top 10 Net Averages

*must play 50% of events to be eligible*

  1. Chris Lerra 71.3

  2. Dan Lacourse 72.9

  3. Chris Roussin 73

  4. John Theriault 73

  5. Greg Landolfo 73.3

  6. Chad Lawrence 74.3

  7. Chuck Hobbs 74.4

  8. Ben Edwards 75.1

  9. Scott Smith 75.1

  10. Chris Poulin 76.3 

  11. Tom Boland 76.3

  12. Dwayne Davis 76.3 


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