Lawrence breaks through for first victory of the year at The Overlook Golf Club


What an exciting week on the tour as Chad Lawrence was able to make a miraculous up and down on the 18th to just sneak by John Theriault who 3 putted on the 18th to win the seasons 8th and final regular season event. The tournament was close between Chad, Johnny and Greg Landolfo all day but after Landolfo put his 3rd in the water he played himself out of contention which left the door open for an exciting finish on the 18th green in front of a large gallery of 1 person.

John was the first to hit his approach into the 18th and left if out to the right in a safe area knowing he had a few shots to play with, Chad knew he had to be a little aggressive but yanked his 3rd and it ended up in an area of leaves, bushes, twigs and had some branches to contend with for his 4th. After Johnny chipped it up to the green leaving himself about 25 feet left for par, Lawrence knew he needed to do something special to give himself a chance. He hacked a shot out of a messy area which ended up just trickling its way up through the rough and onto the green leaving himself a 15 footer for par. Johnny then left his par putt about 10 feet short as he was hesistant with a ridge by the green which set the stage for the Lawrence putt. He hit it firm as it was up hill and it had just enough to sneak in on its last revolution, which was followed up by an intense fist pump. Johnny left his 2nd putt short and finished the whole with a double bogey which gave Lawrence the win. When asked by no one how he felt about the putt Lawrence responded with “I had been hitting putts all day, and with the weather this week the greens were rolling slow so my first thought was just to make sure I got it there and gave it a chance” and a chance he gave it, and with that he got his first win of the year.

The tour returns to action in 3 weeks on Sept 9th at Amherst Country Club as the playoffs get underway and the excitement really begins to heat up.

Rest of the leaderboard:

John Theriault 86 16 70 875
*Chad Lawrence 82 12 70 875
Chuck Hobbs 92 21 71 700
Mark Trembley 102 30 72 650
Scott Smith 99 26 73 600
Joe Forbush 84 10 74 425
Paul Pouliot 94 20 74 425
Curtis Callopy 78 4 74 425
Matt Mitchell 93 19 74 425
Chris Dongarra 98 24 74 425
Chris Roussin 86 12 74 425
Darek Robertson 81 6 75 205
Connor Shaw 96 21 75 205
Rich Roussin 101 26 75 205
Chris Poulin 89 14 75 205
Greg Landolfo 94 18 76 165
Ben Edwards 96 20 76 165
Dan Lacourse 89 12 77 150
Eric White 97 19 78 150
Scott Sheehan 91 12 79 150
Paul Micali 110 30 80 150
Todd Anderson 99 18 81 150
Tim Woodger 95 13 82 150
Jacob Gotleib 101 19 82 150
AJ Colcord 97 14 83 150
Andy Lee 95 10 85 150
Tom Boland 108 20 88 150
Wilson Mungere 112 23 89 150
Rich Colcord 108 19 89 150


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