The NBA was ruined due to the game of golf

Stephen Curry

[Bill Simmons Podcast] – “My guy David Kahn. I don’t know where he’s at right now. I don’t know if that ever came out. There’s a story… Everyone knows how much I love golf and play it in my spare time or whatnot. I think the word on the street was that he didn’t draft me because Minnesota is cold and I wouldn’t be able to play as much golf so I’d be miserable.

So this is apparently the reason that Minnesota chose not to draft Steph Curry back in the 2009 draft. They were aware of Stephs passion for the game of golf and knew that during the season when it is like -9 in Minnesota during the winter he would have been miserable not being able to play golf during his off days, as well as his on days. So basically the NBA was ruined by the fact that the weather in Minnesota sucks. Good choice with Ricky Rubio though, hes okay.

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