We are getting some good players in our league and it’s pretty awesome


So over the past month we have had some very good players with single digit caps joining our league and I for one am pumped about this. When I started this 3 years ago it was just a hobby for myself and my friends to be able to go out and compete against each other with a little bit more organization then just a random round. I won’t lie our target market continues to be individuals who are probably 13-26 caps but I am more than willing to adjust to the players who are talented and seem to enjoy the league and continue to help it improve. What has been great about the individuals we have been getting who are the lower caps is that they are the perfect good players to have in our league. It is very easy to get good players who prefer to only play with good players and from what I see that is not the case with these players. They seem to prefer the camarderie of the players they play with and understand that at the end of the day we are all enjoying the game we all love and are out having a good time. I think this is more benefecial for our players who are higher caps due to the fact that as the league grows lower caps are going to be paired with some higher capped players and those higher cap guys will inevitably shoot a little better playing with better players as that is just how sports have always worked. If you want to be the best you need to play the best competition.

 I do have a lot of ideas myself and other members have had  great ideas as well that I am more than willing to implement when the time is right. I personally would love to have a few different “flights” for the events but I would prefer to continue to to have players of all abilities to be mingled playing together. I am also in the works to try to do a “Ryder Cup” style late in the year and potentially could be done this year although it could be with short notice stay tuned for those developments as my plan is to see who in our leaderboard would be interested in playing and than either choosing for the first 12 in the order of the our season standings. Stay tuned for more info.

I truly am thankful for the growth this league has seen over the past 3 years with very little to no true marketing and strictly being word of mouth. So thank you to all who bring friends out.



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