Live Free Golf storms into Green Meadow this weekend for event #7



30 Live Free Tour players are about to take on the challenge that is the Green Meadow Jungle course. A handful of us were fortunate enough to play it a few weeks ago and avoid some storms to be able to get a feel to how the course will play. Wilson Mungere was able to navigate the course and win a Live Free exhibition by shooting his best of the score and firing a 92.

The course opens up with a pretty straight and open Par 4 that requires a drive not to miss completely right and a low to mid iron shot into a big receptive green. Grab a par/bogey on this hole and move on.

2 is a short par 4, hit less than iron, Hit the green 2 putt and get out.

3 is a getable par 5 and for the long hitters they will be able to get there in 2 and grab a birdie.

4 short par 3, be careful of club selection and if you are going to miss, miss right.

5 is a slight dogleg left par 4, Do your best not to go long on this hole as getting up and down can be a challenge with a downhill chip.

6 downhill par 4, par is a very good score. Hit a driver as far as you can, and if you are going to miss the green miss on the left.

7 In my opinion this is the toughest on the side, but I hit the ball like a pussy just hit a drive and try to miss a little left, another green you do not want to be long on.

8. Long par 3, if you get a par here you have picked up a stroke on the field.

9. Par 5, that the longer hitters could hit a small green surrounded by some mounds and bunkers on a blind 2nd, the smart play is leave it short 100 yards and hit a wedge in.

10. Try to hit your tee shot left so that the tree on the right does not come into play.

11. Short uphill par 3. 8,9, or wedge. try to grab a 3 and move on, the real challenge will begin now.

12 dog leg left, hit a shot over the trees on the left and leave it out to 150 yards. Miss your 2nd shot left and try to leave plenty of room on the green.

13 Tough par 5 just keep everything left as long as you can as the river runs to the right of the hole.

14. Longish par 4 with a 2 tiered green, do your best to be on the right tier to avoid a 3 putt.

15. My favorite hole on the course and is just a straight forward short par 4, hit a driver and a wedge into the green. The green has a bit of undulation.

16. Par 3 with the biggest green I have ever seen, that I have never hit.

17. Tough hole and a tougher green, got to hit a relatively straight drive and hit a well undulated green.

18. Par 5, with a big uphill in 2nd shot. Just hit 2 good shots and leave yourself 100 yards into a big receptive green.

Well here is a quick hole by hole recap, the course can play challenging if you are missing your shots right, which is usually the care. Do your best to keep the ball as left as you can on most holes and you will be able to survive. Good luck and see you guys on Sunday.

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