Bryson Dechambeau is a Douchebag

Image result for bryson dechambeau

Well, this guy is the a complete squid. If anyone happen to watch the end of the European Tour you would have watched an absolute meltdown from Bryson. It was one of those melt downs that legit was tough to watch. Ball in the water, Drop, back in the water, missed short putts etc. Anyway although his hat and overall appearance that makes him a douche the real story is what happened on the 18th after his playing partner Richard McEvoy won the event. Bryson went up to him and gave him perhaps a .02 of a second handshake and stormed off like a little 4 year old who did not get her way.

If I am Bryson I am emberassed at the way I acted at the end of that Tournament. We all want to win all the time, and the competitive drive is what makes us better as athletes and people. A good quote that I have heard several times is “If you want to learn a lot about a person, play a round of golf with him” that apparently holds true here.

Unfortunately I think this behavior could be becoming the norm as we continue on in the future of Sports. With the sense of entitlement kids have now a days, plus everyone having to be a winner and coaches not being able to discipline their players there are going to be some sore losers who just do not understand how to lose, and how to act in front of your fans. Hopefully Bryson uses his compass and figures this out because right now I think this guy as a Douche.

(Video to the disaster that was his last 4 holes)

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