Live Free Golfs  Week 7 Power Rankings 

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Here are the latest week 7 Power Rankings. Some names who did not quite make the list gave me some things to think about and with another good performance this weekend they will probably sneak their way into the top 15. We do have some new faces in the mix this year as a few of our new players came out and shot great rounds. Let’s see if they can follow up this weekend, if they show.

Week 5 Week 6 Week 7
15. Tom Boland Tim Meisel Joe Frechette
14. Tim Meisel Greg Landolfo John Theriault
13. Greg Landolfo Andy Lee Chris Poulin
12. Andy Lee Tim Wodger Tom Boland
11. Tim Woodger Chris Poulin Scott Sheehan
10. Chris Poulin Tom Boland Tim Meisel
9. John Theriault Bob Enderson Joe Forbush
8. Scott Sheehan Scott Sheehan Tim Woodger
7. Chris Roussin Joe Forbush Chad Lawrence
6. Chad Lawrence Chad Lawrence Chris Roussin
5. Bob Enderson Matt Gifford Dan Lacourse
4. Dan Lacourse Dan Lacourse Darek Robertson
3. Joe Forbush Chris Roussin Jim Tokanel
2. Chris Lerra Darek Robertson Chris Lerra
1. Darek Robertson Chris Lerra Matt Gifford

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