Power Rankings

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Previous Rank

11. Tim Woodger

10. Chris Poulin

9. John Theriault

8. Scott Sheehan

7. Chris Roussin

6. Chad Lawrence

5. Bob Enderson

4. Dan Lacourse

3. Joe Forbush

2. Chris Lerra

1. Darek Robertson

New Rank

15. Tim Meisel: Tim who has only joined us for 1 event did not play his best round,

but has a ton of potential. 

14. Greg Landolfo: 92 average but drives 5 hours for events and have

to respect that.

13. Andy Lee, If he played more he would be higher up kids a great

golfer from Texas

12. Tim Woodger: Took last week off, and needs to play a good round to

stay in the ranks (-1)

11. Chris Poulin: a 100 last event at Windham moved him down a

few spots (-1)

10. Tom Boland: 89 Last week earned him quite a jump on the power rankings,

lets see for how long he stays on the list. (huge jump)

9. Bob Enderson, Gotta play or you drop down this list. I expect him to be out soon

enough. Hoping to have him back soon (-4)

8. Scott Sheehan: Scott had a tough go at it at Windham, Due to some

poor club selection but he still is one of the longest hitters on tour.

7. Joe Forbush: Kid is the purest ball striker on tour, but if he does not shoot a 74,

its a 95 and thats what the voters saw last (-4)

6. Chad Lawrence: I am still the president and my favorite number is 6.

I shot even par with my cap last round and will stay still

5. Matt Gifford: 2.9 index and if he plays with us, will move up the ranks fast.

kid hits a mile

4.Dan Lacourse Moved down a few spots after an 87Last week but he is

consistent and he will stay right in this area until the voters see an 80, or 81


3. Chris Roussin: Chris Jumps up 2 spots after 2 straight events shooting 85’s

winning one and coming in 3rd in the other. Lets see

what he does this week (+4)

2. Darek Robertson: Darek shot an 82 at the NH AM qualifer at

Brettwood last week and missed the cut by just 1,

Expect to see him more on the tour soon.

1. Chris Lerra: With the 77 last week, and his 2nd win on the Tour Chris Lerra

takes the top spot, but will sitting out this week lose him the spot?


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