Fred Couple thinks “My time is running out”


Freddy Couples is just such a stud, I have been watching golf for the past 20ish years, Basically Tigers career and I think I may have just caught the tail end of Fred’s Regular PGA tour but I still get to see him compete in a lot of majors and what feels like his yearly tradition of being on contention Masters weekend. His swing is so effortless, and maybe a bad back is the reason he needs to swing so easy but he truly makes the game look easy. It appears that he is starting to switch over to hybrids and has taken away a lot of the longer irons and now has nothing higher then a 5 Iron in his bag. Here is what he had to say about his future…

The trials of bending are evident in the makeup of his golf clubs. The longest iron in his bag is a 5-iron, for now. “I no longer have a 4-iron,” he said. “I have five woods in my bag [three of them hybrids] and the next one to go out will probably be my 5-iron, because [hybrids] are just a little longer and they’re easier to hit and I don’t have to bend down.”

To test his back, “to see if I could play,” in advance of the senior event last week, Couples played in the member-guest at his home club, Big Canyon Country Club in Newport Beach, Calif. “I played a practice round and three days, and I didn’t move very well Sunday or Monday.

“To be honest with you, the last couple years my back has been not so good.”

Lets hope he is able to give us the enjoyment of watching him for a few years and continue to give Bernhard Langer a little competition on the SR tour. 

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