I had to Bet Zac Blair +4100 this weekend cuz I am a degenerate, he looks like a young Sean Burroughs, he smashes his clubs over his head, and he is 5’6″

blair_1920_nto16_d1_putter (1) burroughs_display_image

These 2 guys could be twins, Sean Burroughs was a beast in 93 and therefore 25 years late I am going to let a few bucks and a great value play ride on Zac Blair, Lets see what happens but at +4100 only 2 shots off the lead does not seem like a bad bet to me. Just to put his odds into perspective, Tiger who obviously has the tiger effect is 4 shots off the lead and +900. I also love Zac for pulling this move off at the Wells Fargo 2 years ago.

At the 2016 Wells Fargo Championship, Blair was disqualified for hitting himself in the head with a putter, and continuing to use it. He was disqualified for using a non-conforming club.[6]

Zac has yet to win on the PGA tour but I got to think this is the weekend, Lets gooo!!!


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