Prizes for our next event are fantastic if I do say so myself


Good evening gentlemen, First off, I want to say thank you who come out regularly and play in the Live Free Golf events. I am bias, but personally think we have one of the best leagues in this area and that is specifically due to all of you who come out and play every other weekend and if not every event whenever your schedule allows you, which is another great thing about our league is the flexibility to show up when you are able too. that being said, and to show my appreciation to all our members and players this event will have some great prizes for our top finishers.

1st place, choice of driver/putter/or swami gps4th place, dozen customized Titleist DT Trusoft golf balls. (They have our website name on them, so when you lose them I am hoping it turns into free marketing)


shopping (1) Callaway Great Bertha 10.5 driver, stiff flex with tool. 

 shopping (2)Odyssey White hot XG #6 putter

shopping (3)Izzo Swami Golf 5000+ Gps

download (3) Titleist DT TruSoft customized golf balls 1 dozen


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