Live Free Golf Power Rankings

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It’s Tuesday night, I actually have a night off from softball and all I can think about is Live Free and golfing with the boys. With that being said I thought it would be fun to put together a list of who I consider the top 11 Players on the tour. I have all the stats, numbers and we could go strictly off of that but I will consider consistency as well as other factors I will just make up as I go. This is just Click bait and at the end of the day that’t what the internet is all about. I can see this evolving into a bi weekly top 15 Live Free Golf World Ranking

11. Tim Woodger: Hard to believe I have him on the list this year as he currently has a mid 90 average, but Tim can play he really can. I have played enough with him to know his potential and he normally has a few facets of his game working and when he gets them all dialed in he can shoot in the low 80’s

10. Chris Poulin: Chris currently has a 93 average but has been close to victory in almost all but one of the events he has played in. He has played with a variety of caps so far and continues to shoot right around even or a few strokes under. Not a super long hitter but if he is able to stay out of his own head and stay and stay positive early he has the potential to shoot a good score.

9. John Theriault:  Johnny Red, Everyones favorite. What Phil did to that putt is how Johnny red plays the game, just a real wild card out there. No one on tour calls himself more derogatory names then that of Johnny Red, some I could not mention but Johnny is very good of the tee and is able to find more fairways, He is able to get up and around the greens on the 2nd shot. If he had any touch with his wedges or putts Red would be a single digit cap but for those few rounds he gets it all dialed in on he will fire a sub 85.

8. Scott Sheehan: Currently with a 91 average but starting to figure out, Kid hit the ball and absolute mile and I would say if the furthest hitter on the tour by far, He also throws darts with his wedges. I think Scott is just starting to come into his zone and will be making a run here late as he has now basically fully given up softball and is focused on the game he should be.

7. Chris Roussin: Winner of the last event Roussin plays more golf than most professionals. What a good problem to have, Chris has been streaky on the tour for the last couple of years but he is a very good player and when paired with the right group of players he can feed off could consistently be an 85 guy.

6. Chad Lawrence: I am the president and make my own list, Deal with it. I don’t suck, Plus this is taking longer than I thought.

5. Bob Enderson: Bob who is currently MIA and missed was the champion of season one of the Live Free Golf  Tour by basically just consistently shooting 85’s I was not able to move his cap much but he played boring golf, Fairway, greens, 2 putts and some occasional Bogeys. Bob is a great player though and is recovering from a hand injury and hopefully is back playing with us soon

4.Dan Lacourse: Dan has been a staple at almost every event and very rarely shoots above a 90. He is Mr. Consistent and is a joy to play with. Dan hits a little baby draw of the tee and plays a smart game, staying within himself and eliminating mistakes. It really is amazing to watch and I do not think anyone hits their wedges better then he does.

3. Joe Forbush: new to the tour and consistent he is not. He fired a 79 at his first ever event, followed by a 99 at Loudon and when playing in our spare time he went out and shot a 74 at Passaconaway…followed by something at Candia Woods, as far as potential and pure talent though this kid has it. He is also a great dude to play with.

2: Chris Lerra: Kids good, he is a busy dude and does not get a chance to play a bunch but he has a lot of talent and knowledge of the game and knows how to swing it. Once we can get him playing a little more on the tour I will know for sure just how good he is.

1: Darek Robinson: I put him first but anyone of these top 3 guys could go out and shoot even par on a given day when everything is Dialed in. Darek is a hell of a player and another one who is ready to give up softball and focus on the game. Darek has worked hard over the years to master his swing and it is starting to pay off as he is now qualifying for NHGA tourneys.

This is who I think some of our top players are, and there is no intention to hurt anyones feelings so please do not be offended, at the end of the day we all suck in golf, but some just suck less than others.

I am excited to hear some opinions on this list though, I think 75% of our league all fall between 12-20 and as a president it is always great to get good players and see them shoot well. Truth be told, it is more satisfying to see a player who normally shoots around a 100 break a 90, they can not wait to tell you about their round and the improvements they are making and that is why golf continues to grow and will grow forever. It truly is the greatest game!


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