How silly was the OPEN this past weekend


 Sorry I have been a little busy, but finally wanted to be able to give my two cents on the debacle that was the U.S. OPEN at Shinnecock this weekend. Congrats on Brooks Koepka who did what had to be done to win this event and has now won back to back Opens. He just hung around, let DJ melt like DJ usually does late in tournaments and just played well enough.

The greens on Saturday…Wow, what a mess it was with a scoring average around 75. I hate to admit it, but it is fun to watch. Fuck it, these guys play pristine courses week in and week out that they can absolutely throw darts at more often then not so personally I enjoy watching a car crash for 1 weekend a year, Especially following last years round at Erin Hills in which everyone was posting sub 70 rounds all four days.

Scott Gregory, Who is this guy you ask? Well, he finished dead last and fired a blistering 92 on Thursday and became the first player to shoot above a 90 since 02 at Beth Page when it was done by some guy Felix Casas. Gregory did come back on Friday though and finished with a 77.

As far as the Phil thing goes, I thought it was a disrespectful move and had he of at all been in contention there is no way it would have been done. He was frustrated and found a small loophole and I think it was part of his way to tell Mike Davis and the USGA course set up committee…F.U.

Well see what happens at Pebble next year. Back in 2010 when Pebble hosted the Open the winner was Graeme McDowell who was right at Even par and the scores were not much different than what he had this weekend. I am already looking forward to it.

PS. Personally, I think Windham is more difficult than Shinnecock


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