DJ Tied for lead after first round at the OPENi 

DJ shot a -1 69 and I absolutely love a golf leader shooting a -1 69 on Thursday at any course. Usually it is relatively easy to tell who is gonna be around on Sunday afternoon after a Thursday round, not today though my friends. This course is such a shit show with absolute ridiculous greens that just bounce all over and wind that wreaks havoc, Yeah you may have had a good Thursday, and to be honest DJ is playing the best golf of his life right now and will probably be there come Sunday but it is very easy to go shoot a +4 or worse any of the next 4 days. Anyways it was amazing to watch and if I had to guess right now, I do think DJ could hold on but who knows, It will take a creative shoot maker to go out and win this this year, DJ has an early round tomorrow so could set a nice pace. He also just said he “I am off at 8:02, and I will be here at 5:00” Maybe that is why we are not as good as anyone, for an 8:02 Tee time, I will be there at 7:50 at the earliest. I am fired up to catch some great golf this weekend. I also do hate Ian Poulter and hope he absolutely crumbles over the weekend, which I am sure will happen.

*Some guy named Scott Gregory shot a 92, that is a tough round but none the less such a fucking accomplishment to make it into the U.S. OPEN.

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