Angel vs. Devil – Leave the driver in the bag?


You bought the club, and now you’re just going to leave it in the bag? C’mon, you know you can still hit your driver. That fairway is huge, and it even bends to the right a little bit, so even if you slice you won’t lose your ball. It’s time to put Big Bertha to work, and smash the daylights out of that little white bastard. Turn your swing up to 11 and let her rip! Give the people what they want.

Sure It may not be the ‘smart play’ or the ‘best decision’. Why did you come out golfing in the first place? To play it safe? Sure you may have lost a few balls on previous drives,  but that was then. This is now. Grab the driver, finish that beer, and let ‘er rip. A good drive is more than a statement, it’s an exclamation point. It shows everyone who’s boss, who’s the big dog, and who’s eating who for lunch. Drive for show, and it’s showtime.  

OK dial it back a bit. You’ve seen this show before. The road to hell is paved with good intentions. Let’s put the odds in our favor and just keep the ball in play. You’ve lost how many balls today? How many of those were tee shots? What is the length of the hole –when divided by two, you could easily hit two iron shots and be putting for birdie. There are no pictures on the scorecard, and if – no WHEN you win, you will be the one busting balls, for having the lowest score. No one will care or remember which club you hit off the tee. They will be buying you beers, probably set the low score all time club record. This game is about the number on the scorecard at the end of the hole, not the number on the club on the tee box.

So teeing up driver, and then shooting 3 off the tee? Who’s with me?


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