How Boring is a good round of Golf


             imagesSo the other day, I got to play a round of golf with a friend Joe Forbush and he just casually went about his business and at the days end, turns out he shot a 74. I once saw a kid shoot a 69 I played a round with in Hampton and that is my goal, but honestly it is just such boring golf. To me the game is exciting when your hacking out of the woods, scrambling to make bogeys and attempting to break 100,90,80 or wherever your goal may be. Once you become a single digit cap, golf just becomes fairways, greens or green side chip shots and 2 putts for pars or an up and down for par or bogey. You tend to stay out of the woods, you do not make any crazy mistakes, and your game is just solid, but it is truly just not exciting. Doesn’t at all make it a bad thing and we obviously all strive to be there one day but unfortunately few of us will ever get a chance to break 80 and or become a consistent enough player to be that single digit cap, so for now our game has to be average to bad, but leave us with some excitement out there. Plus we all know at the end of the day, we all make that one shot that brings us back out for here more anyways.

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