Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden


One of the old jokes about golf is where the name comes from. Some say it’s called golf because- all of the other four letter words were taken. An even older joke says the name stands for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden.

I’ve always wondered about the motivations of some men to teach their wives the game of golf. Most of us use the game as an escape from the day to day, and for the unluckiest of us that can sometimes include a nagging wife. Bringing a wife onto the golf course could potentially ruin the last remaining home front of the boys club, where you can, cut loose and get away from it all; so proceed with caution.

Certainly of course there are women out there who can out drive, chip and putt just about any guy out there. This is more of a cautionary tale to the average guy who thinks bringing his wife out for 18 will somehow be a fun time for the both of you. Certainly some people, regardless of sex can approach the game a little easier, based on their understanding of the game, their ability to be coached, and willingness to jump into and learn the sport.  It reminds me of teaching someone else to ski or snowboard. You must enter the day with limitless patience, understanding and encouragement.

If the experience goes correctly, the both of you will have a new hobby to enjoy together. If the experience goes wrong- it will end in frustration, and flared tempers. The smart play isn’t to jump in with a brand new set of clubs, new golf outfits, pink PRO V1’s. Don’t spend a month’s pay outfitting a brand new player who might only hit those clubs that one time. Not being able to properly use all the brand new equipment will only add to the frustration for the both of you. The smart play is to test the waters at the range. Hit a small bucket together, offer gentle encouragement and little instruction. If your wife is eager to keep going back to the range, that’s a good sign. Once you’ve done that a few times, if she still has the bug, take her out for 9 holes at a pitch and putt or executive course.

The biggest thing is the dynamic between the two of you while you are out there. It’s hard to think of anything more awkward than listening to a couple fight, so keep your expectations low, and realize that teaching the world’s most frustrating game, can be just as frustrating to teach. My last nugget of wisdom for you before you set off on teaching the game to your better half- do you really want your wife to beat you in golf too?

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