Why Live Free Golf?

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Most golfers, didn’t play on their high school, or college teams. They maybe picked up the game when they were younger, lost interest, and then picked up the sticks again later in life. Competitive golf might have been limited to playing for a buck a hole with a buddy, or a spontaneous closest to the pin on a par three for a beer after the round.

Average golfers don’t consider themselves “good” in the traditional sense. Sure they have hit good shots, played good holes, but not without the occasional slice into the woods, or easy tap in that goes afoul. Many of us are in this middle ground. We can play well, but bad shots still happen to good golfers. This is why the Live Free Golf Tour is a perfect style of league for the average golfer.

The league is low commitment, you were probably already going to play golf once or twice a month, and that is how frequently the tournaments are scheduled. There is a cumulative scoring system as well, but it’s not necessary to play in every single tournament to win the season. They also play at a variety of courses which is an advantage to joining a league that is hosted by a country club.

The scoring is handicapped- meaning that whichever golfer shoots to the best of their own ability can win. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never broken 100, or 90, or 80. That moving handicap also prevents sand bagging, and keeps the field honest. That way one, or two, or three bad shots won’t ruin your chances of winning the day.

This style of tournament, and season benefits the average player. It’s a great way to put your personal skills to the test, without having to be a scratch golfer. If a tournament conflicts with a family reunion, it’s no big deal to skip the event, your family will understand.

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