Amherst Country Club Course Review 

Good ol’ Amherst CC. A nice track with a pretty good layout. Very flat and relatively open which is what it’s all about. There are a few challenging holes especially across the street.Lets take a look at what they got to offer.

#1 Short Dog Leg left. Lay up with an iron for a low capper, and a Wedge. Otherwise Take it a little right with a wood and punch something onto a Back to Front sloping green and get up and down for par.



#2 Eh, This par 5 is interesting. Its basically Driver, Mid Iron, Wedge, to a very difficult green. If you par this hole somehow, good for you. Now good luck on the next.

#3 This par 3  is probably the toughest hole on the course. It plays between 160-210 and lately has been playing closer to the 210. The bail out is right, just make sure you get over the shit and then hope for an up and down, but you’re probably fucked, and bogey is fine.

#4 Good par 5 to save a stroke on. Literally straight forward 490ish yards. Just figure out how to make a par.

#5 slight Downhill left to right shaped hole. Green is honestly insane. If you somehow hit it a 2 putt is very difficult.

#6 Short par 4 that with a good drive with leave you with a wedge, high iron in. Green plays hard left to right and back to front so do your best to leave below the hole. Bunker on the right is diabolical.

#7 Par 3 next to the gorgeous pool is a challenging little 175 yardish iron into a challenging green with bunkers left and right. Just try to carry the bunkers and get up and down, Otherwise take a bogey and move on.

#8 Toughest hole on the course in basically everyone’s opinion. Its a long slightly uphill par 4 that the wind seems to always be blowing in on. leave out to the right and have a 200 yard approach shot into a green that slopes real hard from left to right. There really is no safe landing spot, Miss left and your pull wont stay on the green, Stay right and your looking uphill at a green with a lot of area to miss on.


#9 Short par 4 but with a few well placed bunkers and a green to still make it tough to make par 3. I’ve seen more 3 putts on this hole than 2 putts.

#10 Short dog leg right par 4. Go long and left and hit the green with your approach to make par.

#11. “driveable” par 3 but no high capper will come close. Just miss out to the right a little and leave yourself 80-100 in. Make par, or get lucky with a birdie.

#12 This hole is TOUGH hit over some shit to a tight fairway leave you with and uphill/downhill shot to a tight green. Honestly, no advice on this hole good luck.

#13 Par 3 So easy…Its hard….you get it.

#14 Cool dogleg left par 5. Hit over some trees and aim for the one of the big pine trees. It’s a par 5. If you’re a big hitter you will be able to make par/birdie/or possibly eagle.

#15 I hate this par 3. Its short, but it just plays a little tougher than it looks. Just go a little long and take par.

#16 I don’t know. Hit a HARD draw left to leave your self 165ish. If you don’t draw it you will be at about 190ish into another tricky green.

#17 Aim left on the drive and that will leave you about 175 into a relatively big green. If you are going to miss the green you can miss right. That will leave you an uphill up and down.

#18 Par 5 that has a narrow landing area but then opens up. There is a tree in the middle of the fairway for your 2nd shot that you will want to make sure you are right or left of. Just play you see on this hole, try to leave the ball below the pin and be happy with a par.

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