Northern Irishman finishes 1,200-mile, par-14,000 hole — for charity — in more than 6,000-over par

Adam Rolston
“Put me down for a 20,094 on that hole.”
Say what?
That’s what a man named Adam Rolston made on a “golf hole” last year that took 80 days to finish and covered 1,200 miles — a par 14,000.
Teeing off at 1 a.m., on the June 29, 2017, from the base camp of Khuiten Peak, the highest and most western point in Mongolia, Rolston played through swamps, rivers and deserts.
Rolston, from Northern Ireland, completed the “hole” on the 18th green of Mongolia’s first golf course — Mt Bogd Golf Club — more than 6,000 strokes over par. I’m not even sure what kind of “bogey” you would call that. A “6K-bogey,” perhaps?
Rolston wasn’t alone on the journey. He also had a caddie, Ron Rutland of South Africa, who hauled 260 lbs. of gear and supplies with a two-wheeled wagon. 
The point of this expedition was to raise money for Laureus Sport for Good and the South African Golf Development Board (SAGDB). 
According to Rolston’s site,, “Both Adam and Ron are passionate believers in the power of sport to uplift, and between Laureus, which uses the power of sport to end violence, discrimination and disadvantage, by supporting over 100 projects in 40 countries, and thus proving that sport really can change the world, and the SAGDB which focus on golf development in SA, there can be no better examples of this power being put to incredible use.”
 Well That is flat out insane. This guy basically just walked for 80 days through god knows what just to finish on a green of a New Golf Course in Mongolia that is the first golf course made in Mongolia which is pretty cool. The game continues to expand world wide and that’s what its all about. The fucking caddie here, though Ron Rutland. What are you a god damn fucking Super Hero. You carried 260 pounds of shit in a wagon and dragged it 1,400 Miles. Absolute workout. Good for him and good for these 2 to be able to get through this though. Incredible journey for a good cause.

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