Live Free Season 3 months away


The season will be here before we know it and that being said us here at live free are working behind the scenes to make this season the best one yet. Few changes that could be coming into the season this year include the possibility of 2 flights at our contest to allow for all the players to truly play at their level and help the handicaps become more accurate. We are also looking to grow our list of venues and ideally would add another 2 or 3 courses to the rotation this year that Live free has not had the privilege of playing. Last year we added Windham and Granite fields to our list of courses and this year I would like to expand to a few more courses in Northern, Ma. We look to be on a pace to continue to grow our participation this year much like we did from year 1 to year 2. Our memberships will hopefully grow and referrals will continue to come enjoy the competitive fun that we have every other Sunday. Pat Blair our defending champ is likely to be back to defend his title and it will be an exciting season to see who comes in to knock him off.

  The Friday View


Just a little something to help everyone get through their Friday. Thanks Paige

The man

Tiger finally returns to Torrey

635958135801369409194745272_tiger-woods playing golf pic

Tiger returns to action tomorrow after firing a -2 70 today in Pro-Am. Tiger seems to be playing well in all facets of the game and the golf world is eager to watch him swing the sticks. He had a press conference today where he discussed his back, going without a coach, expectations etc. It appears he has limited expectations with just general improvement heading into the Masters. I for one am fired up to see Tiger at Augusta again, especially with the removal of the arm chair official so Tiger wont get fucked by an improper ball drop this time around.

There are some good prop bets out. I would def lay the money down on Tiger making the cut at -190.

I would not touch the +400 for him to finish in the top 5 though. He is getting the same odds as Jason Day and to me that is flat out bananaland.

Tiger Woods to win +1800. No shot, there is absolutely no way he wins this but I would like to see him in contention on Sunday, I anticipate a 71, 69 Thursday/Friday and then a drop off on Saturday to 72 due to fatigue and somewhere around a 15-20 finish.

Longshot of the week: Beau Hossler +9500. When he plays, he plays well. Let it ride with Beau this weekend.

My prediction: This weekend will be all about Tiger but come Sunday there will be a 2nd story and that is the winner of the event

Patrick Reed +4500 Book it

 Tigers odds at Torrey

Looks like these odds have changed recently. I looked earlier today and there were some different odds for him to make the cut. Either way it should be an exciting weekend of golf ahead of us. I always look at this weekend at Torrey as the official opening of the PGA season.

Farmers Insurance Open
Tiger Woods props

win tournament 25/1

make the cut? yes -190 no +160

lowest round shot: 70

highest round shot: 74.5

finish in top 10? yes +275 no -350

finish in top 20? yes +150 no -180

withdraw during tournament? yes +650 no -1000

Look Back at Bubba doing Bubba things

The old 18th at Kapalua, nothing better then going Driver, Driver, Putter to finish out with an eagle.

Rickie Fowlers outfit is fire this week

Rickie Fowler with untucked shirt.jpg_9898365_ver1.0_640_360

Pretty sure Rickie Fowler gives zero fucks and is embracing the Hawaiian lifestyle this week as he is rocking this outfit playing. Not sure if that is an official Cobra golf shirt but none the less its bad ass as fuck and deserves to be noticed. He is also dating Allison Stokke and has a fire instagram page. Rickie is such a great player for the game and to attract the youth to this game. He is so cool, I think we all might be a little envious.

Golf Looking to Decrease Pro’s Distance

This is a pretty good take of some’s guys talking today and how distance has been ruining the game for its viewers and that the difference of balls between Pro’s and amateurs may be the solution.

The SI/ gang this week responded to the USGA’s Mike Davis calling the leaps horrible for golf courses. The chat included Michael Bamberger, John Wood (Kuchar caddie), Josh Sens, Jeff Ritter, Joe Passov and Alan Shipnuck.

Bamberger: I couldn’t judge the hurt-the-economics-of-golf question. The modern ball has made Tour golf, for me, less interesting and more of a slog. At my level (92-shooter!) the longer ball with space-age equipment has made the game more enjoyable but at the expense of beauty. I’m in favor of a ball for them and a ball for us. I think a softer ball that curves more is a better test of golfing skill at the highest level.

Ritter: Totally agree. I’ve never hit the ball farther than I do today, and that’s certainly a blast. But the pros are decimating classic courses. The ball isn’t the lone culprit, but it’s certainly a factor. I see no harm in a ball for the Tour pros, and one for the rest of us.

Wood: I’m 100 percent agree with Michael. There’s no reason to change the ball for the everyday player. (By the way, if you’re a 10 handicap or more, you’ll shoot the same score with a decent range ball that you would with one from a $60 per-dozen price tag, speaking of economics.) I can only comment on the competitive aspect of the balls. Shrink the allowable head size of a driver and roll back the ball a bit for the best of the best, and I think the game at that level gets more interesting as well as preserves classic courses for major championships

Tiger Woods Returns this week


Tiger is set to return this week at the Hero Challenge set that starts on Thursday in the Bahamas. All reports so far have indicated that Tiger has been blasting the ball off the tee and hitting if just as far if not further then DJ off the tee. Tiger and Dustin were able to handle Faxon and President Trump in an intense practice round earlier this week. Tiger seems to be swinging freely and is in a good spot mentally as the world embraces yet another return from the old worlds #1. We really have no idea what to expect going forward but as a golf fan I do hope that Tiger is able to regain some sort of form that he once had and put asses in the seats again. I do not anticipate Tiger winning the Hero Challenge but it would be great to see him not have any blow up rounds and be able to finish the tournament under par and carries some momentum into the 2018 season.

Tiger…Be ready as Justin Thomas is coming in hot for you.

Justin Thomas on being paired with Tiger Woods for the opening round: “I’m probably just as excited to watch it as you are. I get a front row seat — but I’m also looking forward to trying to kick his ass.”

 No shot of ever fixing my slice

After Recent Storms North Conway CC will not Host 2018 New Hampshire Amateur


After last weeks storm came to the Northeast, North Conway Country Club has decided to not host the NH amateur next year after receiving extensive damage to the course.

“It is with great disappointment that, due to the severity of the recent storm, the North Conway Country Club will be unable to host the 2018 NH State Amateur Tournament.  While our cleanup efforts this fall and into next spring will make the course playable to our membership and guests, we could not guarantee that we would be in a condition that is deserving of this prestigious event and that would showcase the beauty of our layout.

“While we are disheartened by this temporary setback, we look forward to continuing our close relationship with the NHGA and being bestowed with the honor of hosting the State Am in the near future”, continued Walker.

It is obviously disappointing News to NCCC but I would think that the NHGA will do what’s right and let NCCC host the tournament in 2 years from now when the course is up and running at its peak again.

For now, I am interested to see who will end up being the host to the tournament next year.

       Patrick Cantlay wins Shriners Childrens Hospital open


Patrick Cantlay came to play on Sunday and claimed his first PGA tour victory after waiting a long 5 seasons.  On the 2nd playoff hole in Vegas (I obviously did not bet him) Cantlay carder a par to outlast his 2 opponents Alex Cejka, and Whee Kim.

“I feel like getting your first one can sometimes be the toughest one to get,” Cantlay, 25, said after shooting a final-round 67 to finish at nine-under 275 and then surviving extra holes to become the 11th player to win his first tour title here since Tiger Woods broke through in 1996. “Hopefully, I can start getting some more wins. I hope they pile up.”

Cantlay who came onto the tour with high expectations that he has not yet reached will hopefully let this win propel him to several more wins in the near future. He played well and made some big putts down the stretch, Most importantly a par save on the drivable 15th.

I am a Cantlay fan and have been since his UCLA days and really would like to see him take his game to another level with his boys Speith and Thomas.

Shooter took too many Shots. 

Now I know it’s been a rough patch for golf of late, what with OJ Simpson rushing to get a club in his hand within hours of leaving prison and an assortment of other shady characters attaching themselves to the royal and ancient game.

But look at the case of actor Christopher McDonald. Playing in such movies as Thelma & Louise, Fatal Instinct, Unforgettable and even television roles on Boardwalk Empire and Law & Order,McDonald could have name-dropped none of those award-worthy artistic vehicles.

Instead, after crashing his Porsche in Lake Arrowhead, he touted his work in Happy Gilmore to the arresting officers. TMZ the officers were not at all impressed to be in the presence of Shooter McGavin.

I believe in this time of crisis and irresponsible living (this is DUI 2!) which should get him forbidden from ever driving a car again, we still need to support McDonald for not shying away from the game he clearly loves (and still earns nice residuals from).

Fish Food Golf Balls

Well, I would have fed a lot of fucking fish if I played these balls my whole playing life. This is a really cool idea, I obviously have no idea how they play and wouldn’t trust them, but I don’t trust my swing either so it shouldn’t matter. I guess if your just out there Kramering it and hitting balls wildly into the ocean this is the perfect ball for you. Not to cheap too waste though as 116 balls goes for $100. I am surprised more companies don’t go with the old 116 Pack. If tony Robbins plays them they have to be good though right? Asking for a friend

Charlie Hoffmans shoes in Vegas are the real deal


Thanks for being such a cool dude Charlie. I also want a pair of those, their so sick.  A part of me does not like how everyone has stolen the Boston Strong cliche and just replaced Boston with their city. Either way it is one hell of a sight to see a city come together. At this point I think we just need to be America Strong.


We all suck, Take some advice

This probably can’t hurt anyone to give this a watch.

Story from Doc trying to get tossed to catch the Masters

That’s the shit, I can honestly say I had no idea this was a thing but now I am surprised it doesn’t happen more. You better believe anyone playing for on the west coast last night was trying to get tossed to watch Game 7.

Fowlers fire Halloween costume at 7


That costume at 7 is so gross, Dude was probably already braaaaping around on motobikes too and just slaying like you read about. Who at 7, does not want to dress like a 30 year old golfer. Couples still competing on the tour at certain events and hanging around till Sundays on the leaderboard during majors makes him one of my favs though.

Tiger Woods Set to return for the Hero Championship

download (12)

Tiger Woods announced Monday that he will officially make his return to professional golf in late November at his own charity’s event, the 2017 Hero World Challenge.

Woods, who has not played competitive golf in nine months and was just recently given the all-clear by his doctor to play, is a five-time winner of the event and will compete along with 17 of his peers from Nov. 30 to Dec. 3 in Albany, Bahamas.

“I am excited to return to competitive golf at the Hero World Challenge,” Woods said in an announcement. “Albany is the perfect setting and it will be great to join this outstanding field. I want to thank Pawan Munjal and Hero MotoCorp for their continued support of this tournament and my foundation. I would also like to thank the fans for their unwavering support during my injury.”

Well there you have it, Tiger is back Bitches. This is the moment that golf has been waiting for for so long now right. golf is such a struggling sport not getting the viewers anymore ever since Tiger has left….oh wait, never mind it’s doing fine. The ratings are still up, golfers are young and bringing a younger crowd of new viewers and players to the game. the game is in a good spot. None the less the Tiger come back is still great news, if anyone needs it its Tiger. This is a charity event he will be coming back to and I guess i can go out on a limb and say it won’t be the Tiger of Old (Hot take). 

I do hope Tiger does become competitive again though, and is able to win 1 more major before he truly hangs it up to just become an ambassador of the game. 

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