Regular Season Recap

The regular season has came to an end and there has been a pleasant surprise as Scotty Sheehan who was a late addition to the season has proven to be the most consistent player throughout the season to claim the top spot going into the playoffs. He will have scheduling conflicts going forward though which will leave the door open for the likes of Tim Wooder, Pat Blair, Bob Enderson and John Theriault to possibly claim the top spot as the playoffs get heated.

The points will continue to grow as the playoffs go with our last event champion taking home 2,000 points. It really is anyones season this year as there is a real cluster on the top of the leaderboard but with a couple solid events a player from the middle of the pack could easily climb the leaderboard quickly.

This season has seen the likes of 8 different winners, in the 8 events we have had which is what we strive for. The best player is one who can consistently shoot right at or below his handicap. The playoffs will turn into a real tight race as things continue to heat up. Alot of pressure with the Live Free Golf Champions Trophy on the line for someone to stake claim to for the next 11 months. Good luck to all and always Shoot Your best

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