Get to know LFG Player and Mass President, Ryan McElhinney


Name: Ryan McElhinney

Hometown: Bridgewater, Ma

Handicap: 6

Years in LFG: 2, he started this shit in Ma. 

Years Golfing: 14 years, give or take a couple

What do you enjoy about LFG: LOVE seeing the guys every event, watching everyone improve week in & week out. Couple beers with the boys after the round is my favorite part!

Favorite Course: Wickenburg Ranch, Phoenix Az. 

LFG Event Champion: No 

Most memorable golf story: My favorite story involving golf is… 2 guys sneak into line @ the 16th hole @ the wastey… Jamie Ahlgren & Dustin Arruda can tell the rest. Unreal day.

Perfect foursome, Kevin Kisner, Tiger Woods, Rory Mcelroy. Obviously there would be many cocktails shared. 

Worst golf memory: Playing a match with 3 other guys, kid hits a ball out of a bunker into the woods, gets pissed we didn’t watch his ball, walks off on the 13th hole. Doesn’t say bye, not a word, just walks away. Weird AF.

Favorite club: 2 Iron

Part of the game to fix: Driver, driver, driver. Need to get the ball with a driver off the tee in play. I’ll be working on that for the next 40 years or so. 😂

Rounds per month: 7 or more




Quick look at the map to see what States are still allowing golf


Few Main Points

—As of March 27, 2020 an estimated 74% of in-season U.S. golf courses remain open despite the coronavirus pandemic.

—Golf rounds were up significantly (+15.2%) thru February.

—Core golfers who were planning on equipment purchases now suggest they’ll simply delay. We’ll continue to monitor this sentiment.

—Roughly 35% of independent/regional golf retailers remain open.

The one genuinely confounding finding no matter how you feel about whether golf should be played right now: the number of surveyed courses NOT restricting access to confined spaces beyond the 87% for dining areas:

Screen Shot 2020-03-31 at 10.09.47 AM.png

Get to know LFG Player Corey “Putts Alot” Hartson

Screenshot 2020-04-01 at 8.58.50 AM

Name: Corey Hartson

Hometown: Amherst, NH

Handicap: 18

Years in LFG: 3

Years playing golf: 20ish

Best part of LFG: Playing different courses while playing a competitive league

Favorite Course: TPC Sawgrass

LFG Event Champion: No

Most memorable golf moment: Any round I shoot my best

Perfect Foursome: Donald Trump, John Daly, Mike Tyson, and myself. 

Favorite club: Light 7 Iron

Worst Golf Memory: a 56 putt round at stonebridge in 2018

Part of the game to work on: Putting

Rounds per month: 2 or less



Get to know LFG Player Ben Altman


Name: Ben Altman

Hometown: Taunton, Ma

Handicap: 10

Years in LFG: Entering 2nd season

Years playing golf: Since High school

Best part of LFG: The competition and trying to make the colony cup team to rep my state

Favorite Course: Pinehills

LFG Event Champion: No

Favorite Golf Memory: At Shinning Rock in MA, holing out from 165 after shanking one into the crap after taking a drop.

Perfect Foursome: My Dad, Tiger, and The King Arnold Palmer.

Worst Golf Memory: In Arizona playing at the nicest course with fellow LFG guys and literally shot a million but had probably the best time of my life. Just a waste to play like crap at such a nice course.

Part of the game to fix: Getting off the Tee

Rounds Per Month: 3-5

Get to know LFG Player and current NH Champion Eric Ehite


Name: Eric White

Hometown: Concord, NH

Handicap: 18

Years in LFG: Entering 3rd Season 

Years playing Golf: 10 Years

Best part of LFG: The competition, meeting other golfers /friends, the feel of playing for something that matters and the taste of sweet victory

Favorite Course: Spruce peak, Mountain Course

LFG Event Champion: Yes, and 2019 Season long champ

Most memorable golf moment: When I won the title of NH Champion for 2019

Perfect foursome:Tiger Woods, Tom Brady (as a patriot) and Guy Fieri

Favorite Club: 9 iron, Theres so many uses for it

Worst Golf Memory: When my sister hit my buddy in the eye with a 7 iron on accident when I was 8 years old, there was blood everywhere…. he’s good now and a better golfer than I am. 

Part of the game to fix: Putting, Without a doubt. 

Rounds per month: 5-7




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