New York Rangers with a sick golf simulator inside the bubble

My hands would be so blistered, I wouldn’t even be able to play hockey.

Bryson Dechambeau says he wants to live to be 130-140

Bryson is an absolute lunatic and I am starting to get sick of him, I hate how he plays golf (am jealous of how far he can hit a ball.) This is just another headline grabber here though as Byrson does believe that with science over the next 30-40 years people will be able to live much longer, which obviously makes sense. We shall see, Either way, I am all set with that many years. It’s too much. Once I can’t golf anymore, I am good.

LFG Rookie Keith Taylor played first career event with a collapsed lung

This happened a while ago but just wanted to make sure that everything was going to be okay before I posted anything. Anyways, Keith played his first round at Montcalm with us, and felt a little discomfort throughout the round but did not think much of it. The next day, felt more pain and went to the ER where they diagnosed him with a collapsed lung. Guy is a trooper and this is the exact dedication I expect from our players. Keith should be returning to action with us, either at Amherst or Rochester and we look forward to seeing him play with all his lungs upright.

Windham STableford Odds

New Format, We have not tried it out yet but I think it could be advantageous to the higher caps. We will see though.

  • Aaron Martin 30-1
  • Aaron Abood 15-1
  • Ben Edwards 18-1
  • Chad Lawrence 14-1
  • Chris Roussin 14-1
  • Chris Hatem 15-1
  • Connor Shaw 18-1
  • Corey Hayes 20-1
  • Craig Bourgeous 24-1
  • Dan Goodwin 22-1
  • Dwayne Davis 16-1
  • Eric White 12-1
  • Ethan Hurley 13-1
  • Jeff Richer 21-1
  • Jeremy Papadinis 20-1
  • John Morin 18-1
  • John Theriault 16-1
  • Joseph Collins 20-1
  • Joshua Klein 13-1
  • Marc Johnson 15-1
  • Mark Trembley 20-1
  • Matt Case 22-1
  • Matt Saia 19-1
  • Nick Shore 25-1
  • Pat Blair 16-1
  • Robert Wenrich 21-1
  • Ryan Hickey 14-1
  • Scott Sheehan 14-1
  • Scott Smith 18-1
  • Thomas Gibson Sr. 22-1
  • Tim Meisel 13-1
  • Todd Anderson 17-1
  • Wilson Mungere 16-1

I like the value of Pat Blair this week, I have seen him string a bunch of pars together which would be net birdies for the kid. Should be a fun week though and let’s go get some points!

our name got pronounced incorrectly today on vsin’s follow the money

This is exactly how I figured everyone who is not from NH and even some who are from NH would pronounce our name. Either way, good to get on this morning gambling show on NESN in the AM.

I googled this picture of Matt Vasgersian after he was on their show and during an interview mentioned that he had been on supermarket sweep. Live Free Golf is primarily golf but we can also be all things sports.

chris roussin has gone from a 13 to an 8 in 3 months

I know there were some rumblings in the past about how a 13 was playing as well as he was..yada yada yada. Those numbers have finally caught up to him and Chris continues to play lights out golf and has improved his handicap by 5 stokes over 3 months. After a year of trying to find the right clubs and fit, he has finally found it. Chris is consistently breaking 80’s now and it has been pretty fun to watch a player improve as quickly and well as Chris has. This news does crack a door for all the players chasing him as now it will be tough to continue on the top 5 run he has been on. Either way though, Congrats man. Quite an accomplishment, let’s keep going low!


Just wanted to get this out as I have been asked several questions on whats coming up. Basically, our intentions early in the year just like we did last year was to have a duel event for both states combined. When Covid hit, and hotels became an uncertainty we decided the best move was to cancel that and just continue play in our own state. NH Booked Amherst for their 2 day while after a long delay Mass was able to land Crumpin Fox again.

Both events are their own events, Mass is at Crumpin and we are at Amherst. I believe both are going to be 2 day 36 hole stroke events. We hope and plan on getting back together for a weekend long event in 2021. Obviously everyone is aware that Crumpin is quite a bit better than Amherst as far as quality goes. If there are any NH players who want to make the trip down to Mass to play in their event they are more than welcomed too and your points will transfer over to the NH standings. Anyone who has not had the chance to experience the Fox, I urge you if not for this event It is 100% worth the trip.

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