LFG’S Plan for the fall wrap around season


So I have been asked quite a few times what our plan is for the fall? Well, this year  will be different than anything we have done in the past. In prior years we just ran a few more regular season events and usually ended in the middle/end of October. We have been fortunate with the weather, but it only takes one bad storm in October to ruin our season. For that reason, plus with football we decided to finish the season earlier and have now set up the Championships for Sept 8th. 

That leaves us quite a bit of time and with the Ryder cup in late Sept we feel it will be best to try to keep the players as active as possible. For that reason, in New Hampshire we will be doing a fall wrap around season until late October. These events will be a little different than what we have done as we want to explore some different styles that we could potentially implement going forward. Expect some team events, points quota games and other style games during the events. We want to try to get as many winners as we can and create as much competition as possible. That being said, we will have points just like we do in the regular season but obviously worth less that what we normally give, all points rewarded during the fall will be your staring position as we enter the 2020 season.


I would guess we will try to do roughly 4-6 events throughout the fall, and have some Saturday events as well.

Our next event is what is the most important one right now as there are several players still in contention for this years title and you can cut the tension with a knife. 



Bryson “Slow play” Dechambeau was on the Fore Play podcast today and brought up some good points


So for those who listen to the Barstool Fore Play podcast were able to get a really candid interview today with notorious slow player Bryson Dechambeau who brought up some good points acknowledging that he knows he can be a slow player at times but also states that the PGA Tour does very little to him to really change what he is doing. He also stated that although it may seem as if he is the slowest player out there, he more often than not out drives his playing partners and is the first to his ball as he would win a speed walk race if there was on. He feels as if although certain shots throughout the round do take longer than others that if you are able to time each player per hole from Tee to Flag that he would be right there with the average player. I do not want to get into the full depth of the interview as there was a lot to digest. Slow play is becoming quite the issue in golf from the Pro’s and to the Amateurs. If you are able to listen to this podcast and interview I highly suggest you do. 

Listen to the Podcast here if you want.

Bryson Dechambeau on Fore Play

Team New Hampshire Announces Ryder Cup Captains and most of team.

With the Ryder cup vs Team Mass only being 6 weeks away it is time to prep our team and announce what the plan for Team NH is this year. Team NH has decided that we will go with Chris Roussin as our captain this year. Chris has proven last year that he is very capable of leading a team through the grind of the Ryder cup as he was able to lead his squad last year in the NH Ryder cup. Chris is also fortunate to be named the captain as he did fall just outside the cut line to be a guaranteed member of the team. Chris was our bubble guy as he is currently 14th in the standings. Chris has decided to go with another Loyal LFG Player John Theriault on as his Assistant Captain. John brings the fire and shit talk that team NH will need in order to get into our rivals head as much as possible, prior too and during the event. 

Here is the rest of our squad to date. We will also be selecting 2 more players within the next few weeks to round up the rest of the squad. 

  • Chris Roussin (Captain)
  • John Theriault (Assistant Captain)
  • Eric White
  • Scott Sheehan
  • Ben Edwards
  • Pat Blair
  • Rich Roussin
  • Chuck Hobbs
  • Tom Boland
  • Dwayne Davis
  • Scott Smith
  • Chad Lawrence 
  • Wilson Mungere
  • Corey Hartson 

(2 more captains picks still available)

Full Results from Impact Fire Playoff Opener

Congrats again to Corey Hartson on taking the title in this weekends NH Impact Fire Playoff Opener, it truly was one of the greatest rounds of his life and he won comfortably by 4 strokes over newcomer Chris Snyder who shot an 80 on his way to a net -3 68. Thanks again to all those who came back and we’re looking forward to seeing you at Our next event scheduled for the 25th at Stonebridge. For those who want to play earlier, Mass will have room in their event that will be played at one of the top courses in Mass, Indian Pond Country Club.

Sundays Results:

Name Gross Score Net
Corey Hartson 81 64
Chris Snyder 80 68
Jim Tokanel 77 71
Todd Anderson 91 72
Eric White 91 72
Rich Roussin 99 73
Noah Leclair 78 74
Chuck Hobbs 94 75
Scott Sheehan 87 76
Chris Roussin 90 76
Pat Blair 97 76
John Theriault 90 77
Ben Edwards 96 78
Tim Meisel 91 79
Chad Lawrence 93 79
Scott Smith 104 79
Thomas Boland 103 80
Derek Leclair 83 81
Joshua Klein 96 85
Matt Case 107 88

New Hampshire Major #2 Preview

download (21).jpeg

Things are about to heat up, no pun intended, as our 2nd Major and Regular season Finale takes place tomorrow at the Gorgeous Nippo Lake Golf Club in Barrington. Currently Scott Sheehan holds a 25 point lead over Ben Edwards but with Edwards consistent play as of late, and a course that sets up to his game he could easily surpass and take the points lead going into the playoffs. 

Anyone currently in the top 10 could really make a big jump with a victory tomorrow and some other things falling into place, it looks to be an exciting day on the links for the boys and should be interesting how things shape up come playoff time. 

As far as tomorrows round, the course plays just a 5500 yard par 70 and is the first look for a lot of us, so it truly does look to be a wide open event. I am going to brag and tell you, I love my chances as I am a big advocate of hitting irons off the tees but I will find a way to fuck it up and lose out in the end. Chris and Rich Roussin, Scott Smith and Mark Trembley have been hiking in this extreme heat so it will be a herculean effort to go out and shoot a great round, but I would not put it past one of them. 

We do have some ringers coming in tomorrow and I think Jim Tokanel could piece together a good round and go shoot a 71/66 to take this down. Eric white will be coming back from taking the last event off to be able to stay fresh and feels energized coming into this event. He can keep his irons in play and pick his way around the course and I expect a top finish for him. John Theriault has been playing very well, if he drains putts tomorrow he could run away with this for a 2nd consecutive win as well. All I Know is that it should be a fun and hot round. 

Presidents Prediction: Paul Micali will break 100! 

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